Meet the Starlight Team: Your Experts for Aluminum Extrusion Needs

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When it comes to meeting your aluminum extrusion needs, the StarlightCorp team is here to support you. With over a decade of experience in the field, our team is proudly led by Jonathan, the founder of Starlight, who brings his expertise to help businesses with their machinery and tooling requirements for aluminum extrusion.

Our mission is clear:

  • Helping you increase your productivity
  • Streamlining your operations
  • Reducing your company’s operating costs
  • Outperforming the competition
  • Satisfying your customers while taking your business to the next level

Beyond our expertise, we offer unbeatable service that will elevate your operations to another level. We assist you in acquiring top-of-the-line industrial equipment, cutting-edge tooling, post-sales support, and maintenance, all at every stage of your process.

A Team At Your Service

As the founder of StarlightCorp, Jonathan brings extensive experience in the field of aluminum extrusion. He is your ultimate guide and expert in the industry.


As a sales representative, Ludovic is here to understand your specific needs. He will accompany you throughout the process to provide you with tailored solutions.


Jeff is our sales representative for the Western Canada territory. With in-depth knowledge of the local market, he will help you find the best solutions for your company.


Cynthia plays a crucial role in our team as our coordinator of sales and operations. She ensures smooth operations and efficient handling of your requests.


Our support and maintenance team consists of Kevin and Jeremyis available to answer any questions you may have, solve technical issues, and ensure the proper functioning of your equipment.


Expertise Near You, Experts at Your Service

We are proud of our presence all across North America, with strategically located offices to serve you better. We have teams based in Montreal and Vancouver, allowing us to be close to our clients and quickly respond to their needs.

We sincerely appreciate your trust in our team. Should you need any additional information or have any questions, don’t hesitate to schedule a service request. Let our experts exceed your expectations and help you achieve your goals.

One of our machines caught your attention? Book a free consultation, and we will contact you promptly to guide you.