Elumatec aluminum extrusion machines: An introduction

If you’re looking to buy an aluminum extrusion machine, you may have stumbled across the Elumatec versus Emmegi debate while doing your research.

Both of these machines are great choices, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages that might help you decide which one you prefer as your ideal aluminum extrusion machine.

However, in this article, we’re taking an in-depth look at the Elumatec machineries and how it affects your manufacturing process.

Elumatec and Emmegi under ONE umbrella

Many people may not be aware that two well-known companies, Elumatec and Emmegi, are actually part of the same group. In 2016, the Italian company Cifin Holding (which already owned Emmegi) acquired Elumatec AG and its subsidiary companies.

This merger brought together Elumatec with the Emmegi Group, creating a powerful force in the industry.

The details of this transaction were kept confidential by all parties involved.

So, in essence… Elumatec and Emmegi are not just competitors but rather part of a larger organization. They want to provide a wide range of amazing products in the field of profile processing machinery.

Of course, this move strengthened their position in the industry and allowed them to offer even more comprehensive products and services to their customers.

What do Elumatec machineries do?

Elumatec is a prominent manufacturer of machinery and equipment designed for processing aluminum, PVC , and steel profiles.

As stated, their machines are widely used in various industries, particularly in the construction and manufacturing sectors.

Here’s an elaboration on what Elumatec machineries do:

  1. Profile cutting
  2. Profile milling and routing
  3. Profile punching
  4. Profile bending
  5. Profile joining
  6. Profile cleaning and finishing
  7. Automation and precision

Elumatec used machinery you can find at Starlightcorp


The DG 79 by Elumatec is a high-performance Double Mitre Saw designed specifically for aluminum extrusion applications.

Its strong cast construction (featuring an integrated turntable) provides exceptional profile support, ensuring precise angular accuracy when cutting to length.

The saw heads offer continuous pivoting range adjustments from 0° to 45° in both left and right directions. This means that it enables the cutting of external and internal dimensions with ease.

This model comes equipped with saw blades and a digital display (E 111) as standard features, facilitating user convenience and accuracy.

Check out the DG 79 – Elumate technical sheet here.



The SBZ 140 by Elumatec is a 4-axis profile machining center designed for efficient processing of aluminum and thin-walled steel profiles.

Featuring an air-cooled router spindle (with a water-cooled option), it ensures precise routing, drilling, and tapping operations while keeping profile surfaces intact.

The machine allows continuous angle adjustments from -90° to +90° for all tools, with automatic clamp positioning for accuracy.

Optional rotating angle heads and separate working zones further improve flexibility and safety – making the SBZ 140 an ideal choice for profile machining tasks.

Check out the SBZ 140 by Elumatec technical sheet here.



The SBZ 122/33 – Elumatec CNC Machining Center is another great solution for aluminum extrusion processing.

It excels in profile machining, especially since it offers the capability to work on five sides. Why? Because it is ideal for crafting doors with single or multiple locking mechanisms and various industrial applications.

Notably — its integrated turning device allows for precise adjustments at 0°, 90°, 180°, and 270° angles (enabling front, rear, and end processing with two different tools.)

The power torque-cutting spindle ensures optimal performance, even at reduced rotation speeds, such as during tapping operations.

Additionally, the automatic clamp position movement feature enhances efficiency, particularly when handling frequently changing profile lengths, saving valuable working time.

Check out the SBZ 122/33 – Elumatec technical sheet here.



The Elumatec SBZ 122/20 Vertical Machining Center, manufactured in Germany in 2007, boasts a powerful spindle with a maximum speed of 21,000 rpm.

It distinguishes itself with its capacity to machine three sides of a profile at a single station, facilitated by four horizontal pneumatic clamps.

This CNC machine features precise control of the XYZ axes through a three-phase servo drive with resolver and digital servo regulator.

Its industrial PC control system, incorporating electronic 3-axis control and network connectivity via a NIC card, ensures efficient and accurate operations.

Check out the SBZ 122/20 Elumatec here.



The SBZ 122/30 – ELUMATEC is a 3-axis machining center designed for precision milling and drilling tasks in the manufacturing industry.

It is equipped with angular tools, allowing for the machining of various angles and contours with high accuracy.

The machine features four horizontal pneumatic clamps to securely hold workpieces in place during operations, ensuring stability and precision.

With a generous 800 mm of X-axis travel, it offers a wide range of machining capabilities.

Check out the SBZ 122/30 Elumatec here.


SBZ 150 – ELUMATEC (5 Axis)

The SBZ 150 – ELUMATEC is a 5-axis profile machining center optimized for cost-effective processing of aluminum and thin steel profiles.

It conducts multiple operations, including routing, drilling, tapping, notching, and sawing, while keeping profiles stationary and preserving their surfaces.

It offers 6-sided machining, with an optional angle head from below, and features operator software with 3D workpiece visualization.

The tool magazine accommodates nine standard tools, five special tools (angle routing head and custom cutters), and one saw blade, while robust, low-wear direct drives ensure rapid positioning.

Check out the SBZ 150 Elumatec technical sheets here.


Bottom line

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