Emmegi: Empowering Excellence in Aluminum Extrusion and Profiles

A Legacy of Innovation and Leadership

Emmegi traces its roots back to 1970 when it was founded by Giuseppe Caiumi in Limidi di Soliera, Italy. With its headquarters still located in the same place, Emmegi has emerged as a prominent global company specializing in the design, production and trade of systems for machining aluminum extrusion and profiles. For over 50 years, the company has established itself as THE leader in the industry, offering advanced and high-performance solutions to businesses worldwide.

Today, Emmegi counts more than 650 employees and operates on a worldwide scale using a radial system similar to that of airlines. This strategic approach establishes reference HUBs that efficiently coordinate commercial activities and drive results within specific market zones, ensuring effective coverage and coordination across the organization. Along with many businesses from various industries, Emmegi is a part of Voilàp Holding, a group embracing Industry 4.0 concepts and digital solutions to deliver a unique user experience.

Emmegi operates in the US from a 172,000 sq ft industrial facility with a modern showroom, training area, and spare parts warehouse. With over 35 employees in the area, including highly qualified technicians, they provide effective and reliable support throughout the production cycle. In Canada, StarlightCorp is in charge of representing Emmegi’s machines. Offering a wide range of high-quality products, Emmegi is dedicated to meeting client needs at every step, wherever they are.

When choosing Emmegi, you can expect: 

  • Cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions
  • Reliable and durable equipment
  • Customizable options to suit specific production needs
  • Extensive industry experience and expertise
  • Global presence and trusted brand
  • Continuous research and development for cutting-edge solutions
  • Extensive after-sales support and technical assistance
  • Strong focus on customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships

Who Are Emmegi Machines For?

Emmegi machines are primarily made for the industrial and commercial sectors that require precision and efficiency in aluminum extrusion and profiles. These machines are designed for use by manufacturers, fabricators, and professionals involved in the production and processing of aluminum profiles, such as windows, doors, curtain walls, and other architectural elements. And as a highly prominent player in industrial applications, Emmegi also excels in machine shops, automotive industry, lighting industry, furniture, HVAC, and more.

Precision, Productivity and Quality Redefined with Emmegi

Emmegi machinery is renowned for its commitment to delivering exceptional precision, productivity and quality. The company’s comprehensive product range includes cutting machines, machining centers, double head saws, single head saws, copy router, end milling machines and complementary equipment, all meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of different production processes.

Emmegi cutting machines are synonymous with accuracy and reliability. With a wide range of models available, each designed to address specific cutting requirements, these machines offer the highest quality cuts while minimizing waste and maximizing production efficiency. From saws to CNC machining centers, Emmegi cutting machines set the benchmark for precision in aluminum extrusion or profiles.

Emmegi’s Accurate and Reliable Cutting Machines 

At the core of every Emmegi system is advanced control technology. These systems ensure precise and reliable results, empowering operators to achieve optimal performance. By incorporating cutting-edge control systems, Emmegi machinery offers great accuracy and consistency, setting the stage for enhanced productivity and superior product quality.

Emmegi machining centers are engineered to perform drilling, milling, and tapping operations on aluminum profiles with unrivaled precision and speed. Whether for small workshops or large-scale industry, these versatile machines can be customized to meet the specific needs of customers. With Emmegi machines centers, businesses can optimize their production processes and achieve the highest levels of precision in aluminum machining.

Optimize Your Operations with StarlightCorp x Emmegi

Unlock your potential for excellence in aluminum extrusion and profiles with Emmegi, the leading provider of cutting-edge machinery. As an official sales agent in Canada, StarlightCorp offers businesses the opportunity to easily access Emmegi’s advanced solutions. Browse our wide range of new and used Emmegi machines on our website. Maximize your full potential, streamline your production processes and achieve exceptional results in the aluminum extrusion industry with Emmegi.