Top Recommended Emmegi Machines for Window Manufacturers

Emmegi, a leading name in the world of manufacturing solutions, offers a range of top-notch machinery tailored to meet the specific needs of window manufacturers. These machines represent the peak of precision and efficiency, ensuring the production of high-quality windows, doors, and curtain walls.

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If you’re in the market for advanced equipment, here are some of the most recommended Emmegi machines to consider:

Quadra L2 with 4,000 Magazine: Automated Cutting Center for Aluminum Window Manufacturers

The Quadra L2, an advanced 18-axis CNC machining center designed for aluminum and light alloy profiles, is an indispensable tool for window manufacturers seeking precision and efficiency in their operations.

  • Precision Machining: 4-axis CNC milling module with multiple electrospindles for intricate profile machining.
  • Clean Cuts: Primary cutting module with a 600 mm diameter blade and precise downstroke movement for accurate cuts.
  • Versatility: Secondary cutting module with a 350 mm diameter blade and horizontal CNC axis movements for precise window components.
  • Efficiency: End milling module and automatic ejector streamline the production process.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensures high-quality window profiles that meet industry standards.

In short, the Quadra L2 offers window manufacturers the tools needed for precise, efficient, and high-quality profile production, meeting the industry’s exacting standards. More info on this machine can be found here.

Satellite XTE 10,500mm: 5-Axis Machining Center for Curtain Wall Manufacturers

  • Versatile Machining: A 5-axis CNC mobile gantry machining center that excels in milling, drilling, and cutting processes on large bars in various materials, including aluminum, an essential requirement for curtain wall production.
  • Precision Motorization: The gantry’s precision motorization rack ensures the exacting specifications needed for curtain wall profiles, resulting in a seamless and polished finish.
  • High-Power Electrospindle: Equipped with a high-power electrospindle (15 kW in S1) with HSK-63F tool connection, facilitating heavy-duty machining with speed and accuracy for the large and often intricate curtain wall components.
  • Safety and Accessibility: The safety cab’s design, combining functionality, accessibility, and soundproofing, ensures that curtain wall manufacturers can operate the machine with safety and ease. Operators can monitor the machining process through the cab’s broad glazed surfaces, facilitating quality control.
  • Efficient Tool Management: The 24-place tool magazine, with an exchanger arm system, significantly reduces tool change times, a crucial feature for curtain wall manufacturers handling a variety of profiles and sizes.
  • Geometric Adjustments: Servocontrolled clamps that are easy to configure without the use of tools for geometric adjustments, a valuable feature when dealing with the complexity of curtain wall components.
  • Absolute CNC Axes: All CNC axes are absolute, eliminating the need for resetting upon restarting the machine, ensuring consistent precision in curtain wall manufacturing.

In summary, the Satellite XTE is a valuable asset for curtain wall manufacturers, providing the precision, efficiency, safety, and ease of use required for machining the diverse and often intricate components of curtain walls to meet industry standards. Find out more about this machine right here.


Comet R4I: 5-Axis Machining Center for Small Window Component Machining

  • Versatile Machining: The Comet R4 is a 5-axis CNC machining center designed for bars of aluminum, PVC, light alloys, and steel workpieces, making it a versatile choice for window manufacturers who often work with these materials.
  • Precise 4th and 5th Axis Rotation: The electrospindle’s continuous rotation on both horizontal and vertical axes (from -15° to 90° and -360° to +360°) allows for machining on the upper side and all lateral sides of the profile. This flexibility is particularly valuable when creating complex window profiles.
  • Efficient Tool Management: Equipped with a 12-place tool magazine, the Comet R4 ensures that window manufacturers can easily access a variety of tools and milling discs, enhancing machining flexibility.
  • Mobile Work Table: The mobile work table simplifies the loading and unloading of workpieces, a crucial feature for window manufacturers who need to handle and process multiple profiles efficiently. It also significantly increases the workable section, accommodating various window profile sizes.

In summary, the Comet R4 provides window manufacturers with the precision and versatility needed to create intricate and precisely finished window profiles in materials like aluminum, PVC, light alloys, and steel. The machine’s efficient tool management and mobile work table further enhance productivity, making it an asset for any window manufacturer seeking high-quality production. Get all the info you need on this machine right here.

Precision TS2-4m: Double Miter Saw for Multi-Angle Window Cutting

  • Twin-Head Cutting-Off: The Precision TS2 is a twin-head cutting-off machine equipped with three controlled axes, offering window manufacturers the capability to create precise and clean cuts for window profiles.
  • Automated Movement: The machine features automatic movement of the mobile head, enhancing the efficiency of the cutting process. Window manufacturers can streamline their production with reduced manual intervention.
  • Angle Management: With electronic management of all 45° (internal) to 15° (external) angles, the Precision TS2 ensures that window manufacturers can produce window profiles with a variety of angle configurations, meeting specific design requirements.
  • Hydro-Pneumatic Cylinders: Blades feed driven by hydro-pneumatic cylinders ensure the smooth and controlled movement of the cutting blades, resulting in clean and accurate cuts, critical for high-quality window manufacturing.
  • 550 mm Blade: The machine is equipped with a 550 mm blade, which allows for efficient cutting of window profiles, making it suitable for a variety of window sizes and styles.
  • Flexible Length Options: The Precision TS2 is available with a useful cut of 5 m or 6 m in length, accommodating different window profile sizes. Window manufacturers can choose the appropriate length based on their specific production needs.

In summary, the Precision TS2 is a valuable asset for window manufacturers, offering precise, automated, and versatile cutting capabilities for window profiles. The machine’s ability to manage angles and its hydro-pneumatic cylinder-driven blade feed ensures high-quality window production, meeting various design and size requirements. Get all the info you need on this machine here.


SCA 550: Single Miter Saw for Curtain Wall Cutting


  • Curtain Wall Specialist: The SCA 550 is a single-head, rising blade cutting-off machine designed with curtain wall applications in mind. Its left loading side and angle capabilities make it the perfect tool for curtain wall manufacturers.
  • Precise Angled Cuts: This machine excels at performing precise cuts, ranging from 20° left to 20° right and intermediate angles. Curtain wall manufacturers can rely on it to create the intricate and accurate cuts required for curtain wall profiles.

The SCA 550’s specialized design, angle versatility, and precise cutting make it an excellent choice for curtain wall manufacturers, ensuring high-quality production that meets industry standards. Interested in knowing more about this machine? Click right here.


Our Emmegi’s Top Recommendations in Brief

These recommended Emmegi machines cater to the diverse needs of window manufacturers, whether you specialize in aluminum windows, curtain walls, smaller window components, pre-assembled doors, or multi-angle window cutting. Starlight offers them both used and new.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness these machines in action at Glassbuild, where they will be showcased live. The event will take place in Atlanta, GA, from Oct. 31st to Nov. 1st, 2023. Contact Ludovic for your free tickets (!

If you’re considering purchasing used machinery, many of these high-quality Emmegi machines are available in the secondary market, making it easier for manufacturers to access top-tier equipment at a competitive price. Emmegi continues to be a reliable partner for manufacturers, offering cutting-edge solutions to enhance productivity and quality in the window and door industry. Contact us now for any inquiries about those machines!