Introducing Bart Hensley: StarlightCorp’s new Technician & Thermal Break Specialist

As a leading provider of innovative solutions in the aluminum extrusion industry, we are happy to introduce Bart Hensley as our newest team member. With his extensive experience in thermal break polyamide supply and expertise in the fenestration industry, Bart now takes on the role of Technician & Thermal Break Specialist. 

This new addition also allows us to introduce a new service: technical support and training for thermal break assembly machines. Bart has had the opportunity to collaborate with countless manufacturers, granting him in-depth knowledge of the field. His expertise spans across repairing thermal break assembly machines of all brands, making him a go-to resource for troubleshooting and advice. This further reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional customer support and performance. 

Here’s more about Bart’s background, passion for helping others, as well as the invaluable expertise he brings to StarlightCorp. 

A Passion for Exceptional Results

Raised in the small town of Gate City in Southwest Virginia, Bart embodies values of compassion, dedication, and an outstanding commitment to assisting others. Since he was a kid, Bart understood the importance of going the extra mile in everything he does. He was taught to take care of people and not to pick the job, but to do the best you can with each job you are given. Seeing a customer’s face light up with a big smile when their equipment is fixed and back in action brings him immense joy and pride.

Years of Experience in the Fenestration Industry

After completing his college education, Bart began his professional career with a Curtain Wall and Skylight Company serving the commercial industry. Over time, his expertise expanded to focus on thermal break solutions, becoming a prominent figure in the fenestration industry for over 18 years. During this time, he provided design guidance and assisted customers in overcoming aluminum assembly challenges. 

Fun fact! Bart has an impressive list of accomplishments, including being certified in MECP (Mobile Electronic Certification Program) and holding a Mechanical Draftsman Certificate. He even has a patent for a design in his name! 

Extending Expertise Across North America 

Joining StarlightCorp marks an exciting opportunity for Bart to extend his knowledge and support to customers across North America. His extended baggage of experience and unparalleled dedication will enable StarlightCorp to provide service on another level, ensuring smooth operations for our valued customers. 

In his new role, Bart will utilize his skills to conduct repairs, implement preventive maintenance measures, and introduce improvements that optimize machine performance. His multifaceted responsibilities demonstrate his commitment to ensuring the smooth functioning of thermal break machines and providing manufacturers with invaluable guidance on best practices.

Driving Capabilities to New Heights

The appointment of Bart Hensley as Technician and Thermal Break Specialist at StarlightCorp marks a major step forward for us. His extensive experience in thermal break solutions combined with his passion for customer satisfaction position him as a valuable asset to both Starlight and our partners across North America. Whether you have questions, require machine training or seek expert advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to Bart Hensley through our dedicated support platform. He is eager to assist you with your needs and provide you with exceptional guidance.