Transform Your Old Machines Into Cash with Starlight

Liquidating your factory or simply making space for shiny new toys has never been easier, or more profitable! If you have used machines for aluminum extrusion, we have an enticing proposition for you: we buy your machines at a very fair price, providing an opportunity to recover value from your unused equipment

Types of Aluminum Extrusion Machines That We Buy

Here’s a list of machine types that we can purchase:

  • CNC
  • Automatic cutting centers
  • Single or double head saws
  • Thermal break assembly machines
  • Saw stops
  • Copy routers
  • Crimping machines
  • Endmilling machine
  • Taping machines
  • Vaccum systems
  • Logistic equipment

Here’s a list of machine brands that we can buy:

  • Tekna
  • RazorGage
  • Pertici Industry
  • Oemme
  • LGF
  • FomIndustrie
  • Elumatec
  • Aluro
  • Emmegi
  • Muller
  • Gemma Group
  • TigerStop

How You Can Sell Us Your Old Machines 

We offer two options to facilitate the selling process:

Fast Option

If you need space and want to quickly get rid of your machine, this option is for you. We will provide a competitive offer and take care of the logistics. Once the transaction is finalized, we will retrieve the machine promptly, and you will receive your payment within 30 days.

Long-Term Option

If you prefer to store your machine during the selling process, we also offer this alternative. You set the desired price for your machine by filling out the form on our website and a representative will contact you promptly to discuss the details. Once we find a buyer for your machine, you will receive your payment. This process may take up to 2 years, but we will handle all logistics and promote your machine on our website.

Our Certified Used Machine Program

When you choose to sell us your machine, everyone’s a winner! We offer a wide range of used aluminum extrusion machines on our website. Through our Certified Used Machine Program, we guarantee that every pre-owned machine we sell meets the highest standards and our commitment to excellence. This means that buyers can trust the quality of the machines they purchase while benefiting from a more affordable price compared to a new machine.

By offering used machines, we also help those with a limited budget access high-quality equipment. Additionally, for those who cannot wait for the delivery time of a new machine, purchasing a used machine provides a quick and efficient solution

Buy Or Sell A Used Machine

If you want to sell your machine or buy a used aluminum extrusion machine, fill out the form on our website with your offer or explore our online catalog to find the equipment you need. At StarlightCorp, we are committed to providing a smooth, cost-effective, and satisfying selling or buying experience for all parties involved.