A Comprehensive Comparison of Emmegi’s CNC Machines: Diamant 4-Axis vs. Satellite XTE 5-Axis

As the title gives it away, the Diamant and Satellite XTE are both types of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines manufactured by Emmegi. But the former is a 4 axis CNC machine, the latter has 5 axis. They are known for their precision and efficiency in performing various tasks. They are equipped with advanced technology that allows them to operate on multiple axes, granting them greater flexibility and precision in their movements.

Both machines are designed to streamline manufacturing processes, improve productivity, and ensure high-quality output. However, they may differ in specific features, cutting capacities, and operational functionalities (which we will explain in a little more detail below.)

In this article, we will explore the key differences between Emmegi’s Diamant and Satellite XTE CNC machines, both renowned for precision and efficiency in various industries. Learn about their features, capabilities, and how they can optimize your manufacturing processes.

4 Axis CNC Diamant: Precision Machining for Aluminum Machining

Emmegi's Diamant CNC 4-axis

The 4-axis CNC Diamant by Emmegi is a powerful machining centre suitable for a wide range of tasks, offering precision, efficiency, and user-friendly features for various industries.

  • Mobile gantry: The mobile part of the machine includes a gantry with a precision rack drive for enhanced movement and accuracy during operations.
  • Powerful performance: It’s equipped with a 7.5 kW electro-spindle that uses an HSK63F tool holder (which, as you know, allows for speedy and precise machining tasks.)
  • Tool magazine: The machine includes a 9-place tool magazine located behind the mobile gantry. Precisely…it can hold up to 8 tools + 250 mm blade (it can be configured based on your operational needs.)
  • Dynamic double mode: This is a must feature as it reduces downtime by enabling workpiece change operations and automatic positioning of vices simultaneously. So, it allows for machining different workpieces with varying codes between the two work areas.
  • Safety: It’s equipped with a column guard that protects the operator and minimizes environmental noise impact.
  • Intelligent software: The machine’s software calculates precise vice positions based on workpiece length and machining operations. An automatic vice positioner speeds up the positioning process, reducing downtime and collision risks. This means that even less experienced operators can use it effectively and safely.

The Diamant is available on the pre-owned section of Starlight’s website for those looking for performance at an amazing price!

Satellite XTE 5-axis: Advanced Features for Aluminum Machining

Emmegi's Satellite XTE CNC 5-axis

We won’t be mentioning the similar features between the two, but in essence while both machines are high-quality CNC systems designed for precision machining, the Satellite XTE offers more advanced features, increased axis movement, larger tool capacity, and potentially higher power for heavy-duty tasks compared to the Diamant

Diamant vs. Satellite XTE: A Comparative Analysis

  • Axis Configuration: The Satellite XTE operates on 5 axes, offering increased complexity in machining compared to the Diamant’s 4-axis system.
  • Tool Magazine Capacity: Satellite XTE houses a larger tool magazine with 24 places, providing more tool options (compared to the Diamant’s 9-place magazine.) This allows for more diverse tooling configurations and reduces tool change times.
  • Power and Capability: The Satellite XTE boasts a higher-power electrospindle (15 kW in S1) compared to the Diamant’s 7.5 kW electrospindle, indicating potentially higher machining capabilities and capacity for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Blade: The 500 mm blade is housed in a dedicated magazine compared to the smaller blade on the Diamant. It allows you to cut and separate directly from the raw bar. This way, you can avoid the avoiding the preventive cutting operations of the short cuts.
  • Safety: While both machines focus on operator safety and functionality, the Satellite XTE introduces a new safety cab design with increased soundproofing and ergonomic considerations.

If we have to choose a winner between the two, the Satellite XTE model is the best compared to the 4 axis CNC Diamant by Emmegi. The former enables top reliability, low noise levels and optimized tool change cycles, also thanks to an exchanger arm system.

The wide cut capacity of its blade unit allows separation cuts on large dimensioned profiles. Also, the Satellite XTE model can be equipped with a label printer (if you want to optimize the management of profiles in the following phases.)

Something else worth mentioning is that the Satellite XTE employs clamps that independently position themselves during machining processes. Also, all CNC axes do not require resetting after restarting the machine. If this isn’t efficient, we don’t know what is!

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