Thermal break machine? 5 Tips for choosing the right one easily!

A thermal break machine scaled

What is a thermal break machine?

In the past article, we have been writing about the thermal break idea and its advantages for every building. Nowadays, a thermal break is not an alternative but an imperative instead. The thermal break allows us to create comfortable facilities that comply with different weather conditions outside. Still, we all know that machinery and tools are human’s best friends to achieve these things. Hence, we perform all of the above through a thermal break machine. 

A thermal break machine is a machine that allows manufacturers to insert polyamide strips in the slot of aluminum profiles. These machines are vital because the polyamide strip plays an essential role in low thermal conductivity, as we explain in our article “Thermal break windows with polyamide technology”. 

A thermal break machine makes energy saving for aluminum windows, doors, curtain walls, etc. As everyone knows, machinery and its performance are a differentiator in this industry. Better machinery would translate into higher productivity, better quality, and better outcomes for every business. 

Hence, choosing a thermal break machine should be one of your solemn tasks as a manufacturer. We know that choosing the right machine can be a challenging process. We are writing this article to help you with the process. Let us narrow down the challenges and valuable tips for choosing the best machinery. 

3 Challenges when choosing a thermal break machine

There are three main factors you should consider when choosing a thermal break machine. These factors will help you overcome this challenge easily. Let’s break down these challenges together below. 

The number of functions that the machine offers

Considering the number of functions of a thermal break machine is important. The number of functions that the machine carries out during manufacturing can influence productivity significantly. The number of functions will determine the quality of thermal insulation. The industry experts know very well that the machine’s functions will determine quality, performance, and accuracy. 

The accuracy that the machine offers

Carefully inspecting a thermal break machine’s accuracy will help you achieve the quality standards of the industry. When we refer to accuracy, we are talking about how the polyamide insulating strips are fitted. Choosing equipment that is not well-calibrated to the right degree or of inferior quality with more room for error means problems. 

The software support

A thermal break machine with software support is also vital. The software support allows you as a manufacturer to make fast configurations. Fast configurations translate into better efficiency and maximized productivity. So, consider the software support and its quality when choosing your machinery. 

A thermal break machine scaled
Thermal break machine

5 Tips for choosing the right thermal break machine

We will provide five tips that can help you significantly when choosing a thermal break machine. Starlightcorp has 10+ years of experience and knows the industry in detail. All of these tips originate from our experience. A company that follows these tips can maximize productivity and its profit. Let us provide the tips and the reason for following these tips. 

Tip #1: Choose a machine with a low set-up time to increase your productivity

A machine with a low set-up time enables you to operate with efficiency. As everyone knows, time is a treasure. A low set-up time can help you use this treasure better. Productivity is vital for the industry, so we suggest you embrace it. 

Tip #2: Choose the right technology for your thermal break machine

Technology is vital when choosing your machinery. Using old technology means lower efficiency. As Steward Brand puts it, “Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road”.

Tip #3: Choose equipment that can grow as you grow! 

When choosing a thermal break machine, think about it in the long term. Choose machinery that fits your actual needs and can support you for the future. 

An example is choosing a simple layout that will fit your today’s production capacity, like the layout 40 CNC. After that, as your production grows, you can only add conveyors to supercharge your productivity. The machine will then become a layout 41 CNC and increase your productivity without losing any equipment investment. 

Tip #4: Choose machines that are simple to operate and have a low maintenance

Choosing a thermal break machine that is easy to operate means saving costs. You do not need to train people and invest in training. Another benefit that arises is that everyone can work with your machinery. A specialized workforce would require a lot of investment. 

Consider the maintenance costs too. Choosing a machine with low maintenance costs will help you in the long-term. It will save you time and money. 

Tip #5: Buy equipment that has local support

We only understand how powerful machines are only when these stop working. When buying a thermal break machine, consider the worst-case scenarios. Imagine what you would if a machine stops working. 

You would contact the support. If the company that provides support is far away, it will require time to come to your company. Hence, all of this will result in lower productivity and costs. 

On the contrary, a company that provides local support will offer its services instantly. You will avoid costs and achieve higher efficiency. 

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Choosing the right thermal break machine will be more than easy after reading this article. You will know what to focus on and make knowledgeable decisions. Visit Starlight Corp’s blog to find insight into the business trend, market details, and the Aluminum extrusion industry’s latest machinery and innovation.