Are DLC End Mills More Durable?

Diamonds are forever, and if you want your end mills to last nearly forever, then look no further than DLC-coated tools.

DLC, or diamond-like carbon, is a coating that can be applied to end mills to enhance their performance. The benefits of DLC coating for end mills include:

  1. Increased hardness and wear resistance: DLC coating makes the end mill harder and more resistant to wear, which increases its lifespan and reduces the need for frequent tool changes.
  2. Improved lubricity: DLC coating can reduce friction between the end mill and the workpiece, which improves the surface finish and reduces the risk of built-up edge.
  3. Higher cutting speeds: With its improved wear resistance and lubricity, DLC coating allows for higher cutting speeds, which can lead to faster machining times and higher productivity.
  4. Enhanced chip evacuation: DLC coating can reduce the adhesion of chips to the end mill, which improves chip evacuation and reduces the risk of chip recutting. This is especially important when working with aluminum extrusion, which is a very gummy and sticky material.
  5. DLC end mills have a nice rainbow finish that will make any CNC operator jealous!

Overall, DLC coating can improve the performance and efficiency of end mills, leading to cost savings and improved machining quality.

All Starlight are made with premium solid carbide (for toughness) and most models are available with or without DLC coating.

A DLC end mill might cost $20 more than an uncoated one, but we believe it is an investment that will pay itself very quickly, both in terms of increased productivity and reduced tooling costs in the long run.

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