Productivity - 65 bars/hours


2 Knurling machine
5 Plastic bar inserting device
6 CNC assemling unit


1 Loading roller conveyor
3 Unloading roller conveyor for knurling machine
4 Loading roller conveyor
7 Automatic unloading conveyor with single buffer

Perfect for start-ups with increased productivity and low number of operators!

65 Bars/hour

2 Operators


The three main benefits for this layout are:

Increased Yield

This layout presents an optimized internal production flow to produce more aluminum profiles with thermal breaks per hour with fewer employees while reducing the risk of damaging the extrusions.

Small number
of operators

Due to an automatic unloading conveyor with a retention buffer, this layout requires only two operators compared to Layout 40, which requires three.

A large buffer

A large buffer conveyor is added to this layout to make it more efficient with a low acquisition cost increase.


Layout 41 consists of three machines, each handling one of the three thermal break assembly processes: knurling, polyamide strip insertion and rolling (or crimping). The difference with the Layout 40 is the retention buffer at the end of the assembly process, which eliminates the need for a third operator. This arrangement of thermal break assembly machines in aluminum profiles offers a productivity of 65 bars of aluminum per hour with only two operators, always with the same profile, without any changes.

To assemble a thermal break aluminum profile, two operators are required, handling three thermal break machines.

  • A machine for knurling aluminum profiles.
  • A machine for inserting polyamide strips between two aluminum profiles
  • A crimping machine to tighten the grooves of the aluminum profile on the polyamide strips and ensuring the quality of the final product.

The advantage of this layout lies in the speed of adoption and implementation. Companies can start with Layout 40, and then, within two years, quickly upgrade to Layout 41 simply by adding the automatic retention conveyor.


1 – Knurling machine for aluminum extrusions

Easy knurling adjustments, small or large knurling extrusion. 

The aluminum profile groove knurling machine can be either manual (AS-140-Z) or CNC knurling machine (AS-142-Z) depending on the customer’s request.

The knurling machine improves the adhesion between two aluminum profiles and the polyamide strip, thereby increasing the resistance of aluminum profiles with thermal break in a cost-effective way.

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Knurling machine for aluminum extrusions
Thermal break insertion machine

2 – Thermal break insertion machine

Easy, automatic and fast insertion of a polyamide strip in aluminum profiles with safety stop.

The thermal break insertion machine can be either manual (AS-242I) or the CNC inserting machine (AS-244I) depending on the customer’s request.  In order to achieve the required level of thermal insulation, it is important to establish the polyamide insulating strips correctly. Our insertion machine enables the exact positioning of a polyamide thermal break, thus ensuring the best thermal insulation.

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3 – Crimping machine for polyamide strips

Profile recommendation for an exceptional stability, output conveyor after crimping

The crimping of polyamide strips in aluminum profiles can be either manual (AS221GA) or the CNC crimping machine (AS260GA or AS262GA). The latter enables profile switching within 20 seconds. The wheels of the seamer apply sufficient force to the aluminum profiles to, mechanically, lock the two of them together with the polyamide strips into a single unit.

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Thermal break crimping machine
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OEMME S.p.A. has been manufacturing punches and machines for working and assembling light alloy systems since 1978. The company offers the complete array of machines required for thermal break profile assembly guaranteeing very high quality standards and reliability.

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