HSK 63F Tool Holder (RH) – ER 32 (Include Collet nut LK-CN0004)

SKU: KL-HS0002

Starlight HSK 63F Tool Holder is the ultimate companion for aluminum professionals seeking unparalleled precision and efficiency in their CNC machining operations. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and manufactured to the highest industry standards, this tool holder sets a new benchmark for performance and reliability.

Main features:

  • Balanced to 24,000 RPM
  • All tool holders are supplied with nut
  • Maximum error of concentricity of 0.003 mm

Our tool holders are made with high precision and with the highest standard of quality. All HSK tool holders are supplied with nut, but without the collet. All ISO 30 tool holders are supplied with nut and with retaining pawl (pin), but without the collet.

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