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TKE 743


3-axis CNC vertical machining center featured with a clamping system made up of vacuum tables that allow panels and plates to be held by vacuum; this solution is useful to obtain an extremely efficient machining of thin components that could hardly be fixed by means of a traditional clamping system. The machining center is equipped with a series of valves that turn on/off different areas of the machining table, thus concentrating the suction on one area and optimizing the clamping of components with limited dimensions. It is designed for drilling and interpolated milling operations on composite panels, panels and plates in aluminum and steel. To create programs that control the machines, Tekna provides user-friendly software tools that can be used both by professional CNC programmers, who can implement the most complex solutions, and by completely inexperienced users; after a few training hours the customer will be able to operate the machining center using a graphical programming. Software solutions offered by Tekna result from an accurate design and from the actual customer needs analysis. The simplicity of usage of these solutions reduces the management time and costs. The machine is equipped with Fanuc CNC Numerical Control, motors and encoders.

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