Starlight Corp’s Services

We have your back because we understand that machinery is your best friend
in aluminum extrusion fabrication after your team.

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Starlight Corp’s Services

We have your back because we understand that machinery is your best friend in aluminum extrusion fabrication after your team.

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We are committed to finding innovative solutions to difficult and complex aluminum extrusions to produce long-term answers and solutions for our customers. 

We provide various services that can help our clients understand and unleash the full potential of their machinery.

Communication is a fundamental value for us, and our objective here isto secure our customer’s production every step of the way. 

Our specialists will help you to understand the problem with your machinery, solve the problem and also provide recommendations to maintain your machinery in the best way possible in the long term.


Field Service

Our skilled technicians can offer field service.If you are having difficulty with your machinery, our team will send a professional technician to your factory despite your location. Our technician will travel to your factory with a clear mission:

  • Perform repair 
  • Perform maintenance
  • Perform on-site troubleshooting

Our field service technicians are professional individuals from our team that can help you install, repair, and maintain equipment. During their visit, they will also advise you on the best practices of using the equipment. One of our field service technicians will meet with you, understand your issue and provide you with the ideal solution. Professional technical advice will help you solve the problem instantly and know how to maintain your machinery for the future better. For a customer that does not have any service contract, we have a 4-hour minimum charge. A secret tip from Starlight Corp: We offer a discounted rate for annual contracts. Fill out the service ticket below or give us a call if you need help with your machinery. 

BASIC Plan 40h
SILVER Plan 80h
GOLD Plan 120h

Phone support & troubleshooting

Starlight Corp is conscious of the time and effort that a manufacturing company puts into maintaining its machinery on top to fulfill the demand efficiently.  That is the simple reason why we provide phone support for every company that is facing difficulties with its machinery. When you think about it, why lose travel time and money to go to your factory when we can remotely repair the machine? Our technician can log via team viewer or troubleshoot via facetime after explaining your problem through your call. This kind of support enables us to repair your machinery remotely and allows you to use time efficiently.  Time is a treasure, and manufacturing companies understand that better than all. Contact our always-available team of superheroes at the number below to help you repair your machinery instantly. For customers that don’t have any service contract, we have a two-hour minimum charge. For annual contracts we provide a discounted rate that can help your company. 

BASIC Plan 10h
SILVER Plan 40h
GOLD Plan 80h
PLATINE Plan Unlimited

Preventive Maintenance Package

The preventive approach mentality is the best way to keep your machinery on top. Due to its experience, our team believes that preventative maintenance can significantly prolong the life of machinery.We have a highly structured preventive maintenance program that will allow you to use your machinery efficiently. There are many advantages to a preventative maintenance plan that we offer. Let us list below three main advantages:Physical inspection – Our professional technicians will help you with the examination of every part of your machinery. The analysis will allow us to identify different needs that your machinery requires in time. Test on the equipment – Only through the test on the equipment will you know if your machinery is performing on its 100 percent. Our team will run these tests and provide a custom Preventive Maintenance Checklist. Professional Technical report with written recommendations – Written recommendations can help you to transform your machinery into a top-performing one with simple daily, weekly, or monthly and yearly tasks you can do on your own. Check out our Preventive Maintenance Plans below and keep your machinery in the best shape possible. 

Essential Recommended Ultimate
Factory visit Everything in essential + Everything in recommended +
Discussion with operator Physical inspection Annual Maintenance on the machine
Visual Inspection Test on the equipment Spare part list creation
Basic Machine diagnostic Report Physical measurement
Custom Preventive Maintenance Checklist 
Professional Technical report

Machine inspection and technical diagnostic services

Unfortunately, no mechanical product can last forever, but we can prolong the equipment life by inspection and technical diagnostic services. Machine inspection and technical diagnosis are some of Starlight Corp’s areas of expertise.We provide machine inspection and technical diagnostic services for your equipment by analyzing many factors that influence your machinery’s performance. We inspect and diagnose for functionality, wear, and safety of your machines, providing a 360-degree service of inspection. After the full inspection, we provide recommendations considering the status of your machine. These recommendations help you to achieve maximum production reliability and great machine availability. Our first-class technical diagnostic service will ensure maximum productivity for your machinery. After this process, we create a checklist to evaluate your current equipment conditions and create a maintenance report for the managers to help them. We also can create a spare part list, recommended part based on your needs. 

Training & operational programming

The aluminum extrusion industry is continually experiencing a considerable employee turnover. By witnessing this, our team decided to offer its help by providing training for your company’s new employees. The most intelligent way to prepare your employees is to train them. Training your new operators has many benefits for your company and also machinery. Our technical experts have a professional background in training employees and enabling them to operate and maintain the equipment properly. We consider operator training a long-term benefit for your equipment and company. Our team can also provide operational programming for the CNC machining center. We are specialized to find the most suitable solutions for your CNC machining center. After finding and applying the best solution, our operational programming services provide worker safety, reduced set-up, and reduced Test Runs. You will also witness higher cutting parameters and higher machine tool flexibility in your equipment.

Installation and Machinery moving

If our customers are moving to a new plant or need to move the Machinery to a new section in their facility, we provide our help with installation and transportation. Our well-experienced and professional team is able to complete the safe and reliable loading/unloading, transportation, and installation of equipment and Machinery no matter the size, shape, or function.Why should you choose Starlight Corp for machinery installation and movement?Making full use of our expert technical capabilities acquired over many years of operation, we develop optimal plans for every situation. We provide finely-tuned project management and robust quality, ensuring client satisfaction for the transportation and installation of products. By taking into consideration the characteristics of the equipment being transported for installation, we pick the most suitable equipment and materials. After thoughtful consideration of any other relevant factors, we carry out the installation securely and efficiently.

Motor and spindle rebuild

Our motor and spindle repair service offers repair, rebuild, reconditioning, refurbishment, and rework of motor and spindles for your machines. A large part of the production revolves around your machine’s motor and spindle performance. When motors and spindles are up and running, you are cutting parts and making money. Starlight Corp’s spindle unit rebuild and repair program leverages years of expertise to help our customers make the most of every minute in their production cycle. And we’re so confident in our motor and spindles’ performance that we offer the industry’s best spindle warranty.Instead of purchasing a brand new spindle, we can repair it at your location and rebuild it. We will get your machine running in no time.

  • Dedicated staff available during all the regular business hours  to assist you with emergency motor and spindle repair services.
  • We offer door-to-door pickup and delivery on our emergency repair services.

Our certified motor and spindle repair, rebuild (partial/complete), and replacement department offers the most reliable and highest quality motor and spindle services for many aluminum extrusion equipment types. Contact our team and get a quote now. 

Machine Services and Jigs Fabrication

Starlight Corp can build custom cutting jigs for saws and support blocks for CNC machines. We offer the design and also have access to CNC machine shops to produce customized parts. We are customer-focused and accommodate urgent and breakdown work to critical timelines to reduce customer downtime and lost production.Your full-service partner from design to delivery, Starlight Corp’s team, will work alongside you to turn a concept into a working product. Our primary goal is to listen to and understand our customers’ aluminum extrusion-based products’ machining needs. Our team can help you during all the processes to acquire optimal results when it comes to machinery. Our long experience and collaboration with many partners allow us to deliver the best results possible for machining services and jigs fabrication. Feel free to contact our team and get a reasonable quote now.

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We offer fast and efficient service for most makes and models of aluminium working machine. Open a service ticket and a technician will take care of your issue ASAP.


We couldn’t be where we are now without our client’s trust. We are happy to help them and provide what they need.Their satisfaction is our reward. Here are some words from some of our clients.

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