General features

  • Windows Tower PC operation on a large, color hi-resolution touchscreen monitor
  • Download cutlists directly to the RazorGage AngleMaster computer via Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet cable
  • Store thousands of cutlists on the computerized miter saw software. Optimize and sort cutlists into thousands of groups according to various criteria
  • Label printer option available
  • AngleMaster Angle Saw System comes with a PVC table top, but optional steel or PVC rollers are available
  • Optional articulated pusher mounted gripper
  • Blade mist lubrication standard for cutting aluminum
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The RazorGage AngleMaster is a semi-automatic miter saw fence system that automatically adjusts to cut your leading and trailing angle. The AngleMaster angle saw software with integrated AutoList, combines with the computerized miter saw hardware to enable effortless and accurate angle cutting. The operator selects a cutlist from those downloaded from the office or manually enters the leading and trailing angles, length, & width, required for a single part. The RazorGage positioner advances the aluminum profiles and rotates the saw to the correct leading angle. The operator makes sure the clamps are adjusted correctly, cycles the saw, clears any small jamb-prone drops from the table and clicks DONE on the hi-resolution touchscreen. At RazorGage, safety is our top priority. To use the AngleMaster computerized miter saw, the operator must clear each cut part and drop before the machine will advance the material for the next cut. Using the hi-resolution touchscreen interface to control the AngleMaster is simple and intuitive. Other safety features include the two-hand anti-tie down buttons. After ensuring that the clamps are not in the path of the saw blade and the blade has automatically rotated to the proper angle, the operator uses the two-hand anti-tie down buttons to cycle the saw. This unique safety feature protects operators and prevents potential accidents.

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