How did it all start?

September 1st, 2009, was the date Jonathan Chauvette, now Founder & CEO of Starlight Corp, started working in the industrial equipment industry.He served as the sales and marketing vice president of a leading machinery and high-tech equipment manufacturing company operating in North America. There he learned about all aspects of the industry, such as the importance of equipment in manufacturing success and the importance of tooling, maintenance, and other elements that enable you to use the equipment’s full power. These aspects enable business owners to unleash the full potential of their machinery in the manufacturing industry. Since the last decade focused on selling machines, he saw all his customers struggling using the machinery. What everyone was lacking was the ability to take the customer by the hand to guide him correctly.Everyone was selling their products individually, but no one was 100% specialized in the Aluminum Extrusion market. He realized that education was necessary for helping clients that invest a lot of time and money in equipment.He considered machinery, tooling, maintenance, and the best practices to help business to unleash their full potential.That is why he created the following concept:


The “6-Steps Aluminum Extrusion Expert Framework ™ ”

It is the solution for having a perfect success for every aluminum extrusion fabrication.Understanding the relationship between all these factors and the role they play together is at the core of success. Everything starts with knowledge. When everyone is educated and has the right information, then everything is easier.He also created the brand “Starlight Tooling” and started selling Aluminum extrusion cutting tools that are unmatched in quality.

Our Vision and Mission

Our focus is to provide you with high-quality equipment and tooling because we at StarlightCorp have discovered how any Aluminum Extrusion Business can become more productive and profitable with the right partner! Starlight Corp’s team is also well-experienced in the industrial equipment industry and specialized in aluminum extrusion machinery and tooling.

Our mission is to help Aluminum Extrusion Business Owners to:


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What makes us unique?

What makes us different and better than other equipment supplier selling products similar to ours?Starlight Corp is partnering with the best high-tech machinery and industrial equipment manufacturing companies specialized in aluminum extrusion in North America today. We’ve been in operation for a while now, and our mission is to provide Aluminum Extrusion manufacturers with the high-tech industrial equipment and unequaled service they need to grow their business.Some of the reasons our customers choose us instead of our competitors include:

  • We’re more interested in customer satisfaction than in making a profit.
  • We offer the highest quality products.
  • The products we sell are tested and made from premium materials.
  • We stand behind our products
  • All our tooling are made in Italy using the finest carbide from Luxembourg. 
  • We partner directly with the manufacturers. This way, we eliminate the middleman and give you the best possible value for your money.
  • We help our customers to enhance their manufacturing process through equipment and tooling explicitly designed for Aluminum Extrusion.
  • We accept the most popular and secure payment methods.
  • We offer fast delivery, quality customer service, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our tooling.

Our Values

Starlight Corp’s values apply to all of us: employees, managers, and directors. They profoundly influence our environment and stakeholders and reflect our day-to-day business life. Our ethics helps us build a successful and valuable future. That is why integrity in everything we do for Valeo is our key driver.


Personal Growth

Our team appreciates high-driven people who are passionate about learning and growing.We at Starlight Corp believe that personal development fits alongside professional growth and encourages our team to grow every day, both personally and professionally.



Gratitude is our organization’s core value and already a work culture. We appreciate this quality because we believe that a business should be human-centered. Gratitude allows us to feel part of a big team and be passionate about our objectives.



We think that working should be a passion and not another usual activity or duty. Passion is our core motivation as a team. This internal motivator keeps us up late learning the latest technology and allows us to provide service offerings our clients don’t even know they need yet. Working with passion enables us to hold our standards high.



At Starlight Corp, integrity means ensuring workplace safety and respecting human rights wherever we operate. It also means focusing on people, training, and developing them.



We deal fairly and honestly with all our customers, and we respect them and uphold fair competition practices. We want to help North American Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturers business owners to grow their companies. Our focus is to help them every day through automation. Providing them with high-quality aluminum extrusion equipment and tooling is our mission. Our success is when they succeed and grow their company.

The only way we do this is by offering them high-tech industrial equipment and tooling paired with the unequaled services of our skilled and devoted team.


Well Being

We do not consider well-being as an extra element of work. Well-being is a value that is present in all our organizational levels. We do believe that without putting well-being first, there is no quality in the business world.



We continually strive to redefine the norm of excellence in everything we do. Therefore, we are enthusiastic about ideas that challenge conventional views and encourage innovation. Heraclites said that the only constant in life is continual change, so we believe that to stay relevant, we must continually innovate with society’s changing requirements.



What you will always find at Starlight Corp is excellent customer service and communication. We value people above everything else, be it our customers or employees. We communicate carefully, always considering our clients’ needs and what we can do to meet their needs.


Our focus is to provide you with high-quality equipment and tooling because we at StarlightCorp have discovered how any Aluminum Extrusion Business can become more productive and profitable with the right partner! Starlight Corp’s team is also well-experienced in the industrial equipment industry and specialized in aluminum extrusion machinery and tooling.

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